Giving Back

Kangaroo Mother Project

Helping. Healing. Caring.

Ocean Africa Container Lines (OACL) was pleased to donate wraps to the Kangaroo Mother Care Unit at Clairwood Hospital. Approximately 7000 premature babies are born in EThekwini district hospitals every year. A shortage of incubators, led to the initiation of the Kangaroo Mother Care Project which promotes “skin on skin” contact between mother and baby.

The premature baby - wearing booties, nappy and a cap - is placed on the mother’s chest in an upright position and wrapped/strapped to the mother. The heat generated from the mother’s body sustains the baby’s temperature and her heartbeat and breathing normalizes the babies heart rate and respiratory rate. Since the introduction of the programme, the fatality rate of premature babies has decreased dramatically.Overcrowding in the hospitals led to the opening of the step down Kangaroo Mother Care unit in Clairwood. The unit prides themselves on the exceptional care provided to their patients. The babies progress is continually monitored as is the mother’s physical and emotional wellbeing. The unit involves the entire family so that the mother is supported and can continue the Kangaroo care when she and the baby are discharged.